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No one, absolutely no one has said, “Remember the good old days of SMS!” cause before social media came in, bulk SMS used to be spam!
Today, you'll learn how to make your brand not seem like spam through SMS Marketing.

Before we go on to discuss the hows of it, we need to be clear that it's still very effective.
One reason is that it still stands a very strong chance of being opened and can lead to engagement as it's easy to converse, unlike social media. The second reason is, they reach the audience instantly, they don't take time in drafting and adding multiple codes, all you have to do is type a message and include a bunch of contacts in the sender’s list. The third reason is, SMS is still a very personal form of marketing it is attached with the sense of customization.

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Moving on to the types of SMSs used in SMS marketing.

1) Promotional and discount: These are the most common type of SMSs sent to make your audience aware of the offers, this also attracts your new audience. Try to send these at the right time, when they want it not whenever you feel like, maybe a week before Christmas or any other festival where they're expected to use it. And always put a CTA (call to action) in the message.

SMS Service Provider in Mumbai

<2) Flash sale: As the name suggests, it conveys a level of urgency to your audience about an offer. This is should be different from promotional, shorter, and more interesting that make people click on the link right away.
3) Loyalty programs: These are designed to encourage your audience to be more loyal and make a purchase or even recommend you to someone else. Use powerful words and personalize as much as possible.
4) Alerts and notifications: you always want to update your audience on new arrivals, any updates in your current services, etc. Always highlight words that need attention so that they can stick to your audiences' minds.

And if nothing works here's a tip, write SMSs not for bots but for people, consider those people your friends. If your friends would open it, read it and click the link attached with it, it means the SMSs are good to go. Just don't ever use slang or unprofessional language.

Happy SMS-ing!


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