Programmatic Advertising Service In Mumbai

Gone are the days where advertisers would have to keep up relationships with the publishers for a digital ad cause when two words meet - program and automatic, you get the word, Programmatic.
Programmatic is an advertising term that means to automate the process of buying and selling digital advertising spaces. To get familiar with how this works let's touch upon some terms related to advertising.

1) Ad agency: Companies that help advertiser create, plan, execute relevant campaigns for marketing and promotion.
2) Ad exchange: It is an online marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising spaces through the form of bidding.
3) DMP: It stands for Data Management Platform, DMP is a platform that collects and manages data of the brand's audience, ultimately helping brands target their customers better.
4) DSP: It stands for Demand Side Platform, this system allows advertisers to buy their desired ads spaces from multiple publishers/websites.
5) SSP: It stands for Suppler Side Platform, a counterpart to DSP, a system that allows publishers to sell their ad spaces to multiple advertisers.

Let’s go step by step to understand how this functions Suppose you as an advertiser have a motive for an ad that you ask the agency to fulfill, awareness for a new product, with the help of Data Management Platform (DMP) you ask the agency to target specifically, the ad agency sends over the relevant information along with the data to the Demand Side Platform (DSP), from where Ad Exchange and Supplier Side Platform (SSP) can take a look at your data and side by side you as well get to see their ad spaces. You can run algorithms to check which space fits with your target market, bid for that space and if you win the bid your ad gets to be on your selected website!

We provide ROI-focused Programmatic Advertising Service In Mumbai. We chase accelerated sustainable growth for brands globally with our digital marketing servicesWe know it can be a little overwhelming but here you have it, a brief introduction to the programmatic landscape. Happy exploring!


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